Hello and welcome to BANAIAN.NET!

Three of my favorite people: Nana, Mom and Aram. You'll see the others later.

Hey now! The pictures are UP! Coming next: Blog, baby!


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Blog under construction

Welcome to the Banaian Family Homepage. I've been working so far on the family parts. The baseball and politics will be up next.

The pictures are now up (hit the photolog link to the left.) Forthcoming is a weblog and an updated set of baseball and political stuff.. You'll find the developing genealogy of my grandmother's family (now nearly complete) and the sketches of my grandfather's. When my mother's side of the family gets some material up, it'll go here too (or else Mom gets jealous.)

The picture in the upper left-hand corner is Nana, my mother, and my son. This will make Mom less jealous.

If you find a problem, click here to send me email and tell me where I've goofed.

Last updated 23 September, 2002 . Watch for frequent updates this fall!